Greenery Day
Every year in Japan,4 May was celibrated as the Greenery Day. It is a day to communet with nature and to be thankful for his blessings. In Emperor Showa's period this day celibrated as the birthday of Emperor Showa.But after the death of Emperor Showa's(in 1988)this day celibrated as the Greenery Day. In 2007, government decided to national holiday (April 29) to Showa no Hi to pay respect to Hirohito(Showas) and Greenery Day was moved to its current spot on the calendar of May 4.
Where :
All over Japan
When :
4 May
More Details :
Showas(Hirohito) was,a big fan of environmental. During early years as Emperor, he was responsible for the construction of a biological laboratory at Akasaka Palace along with the establishment of the Imperial Biological Research Institute. He constantly promoted research in the field of biology.So government decide to give the honour by celibrating the Greenery Day as national holiday.
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Greenery Day Observed

Year Month Day Day of Week
2005 April 29 Friday
2006 April 29 Saturday
2007 May 04 Friday
2008 May 04 Sunday
2009 May 04 Monday
2010 May 04 Tuesday
2011 May 04 Wednesday
2012 May 04 Friday
2013 May 04 Saturday
2014 May 04 Sunday
2014 May 06 Tuesday
2015 May 04 Monday
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