National Foundation Day
Japan celebrate National Foundation Day annually on February 11. First emperor of Japan,"Jimmu", who established his capital in Yamato in 660 BC.In his memory,this day was celibrated. National Foundation Day become an official holiday in 1872. In the Meiji period, when Japan switched to the Gregorian calendar from its lunisolar calendar, the new "official" holiday was proclaimed. This holiday was called as the 'Empire Day'(Kigensetsu) before 1872, but the Meiji Emperor may have wanted to establish this holiday so he rename this day as the National Foundation Day. Large parades and festivals, in its time,considered one of the four major holidays of Japan. This day celibrated all over Japan,but after World War II,this day was stopped to celibrate.In 1966 this day was again made a National Foundation Day.
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11 February
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This holiday is celebrated to express patriotism and love for the nation
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Wikipedia : National Foundation Day
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National Foundation day

Year Month Day Day of Week
2005 February 11 Friday
2006 February 11 Saturday
2007 February 11 Sunday
2008 February 11 Monday
2009 February 11 Wednesday
2010 February 11 Thursday
2011 February 11 Friday
2012 February 11 Saturday
2013 February 11 Monday
2014 February 11 Tuesday
2015 February 11 Wednesday
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