Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon boat races are traditionally held as part of the annual Duanwu Festival observance in China. 19th century European observers of the racing ritual, not understanding the significance of Duan Wu, referred to the spectacle as a "dragon boat festival". This is the term that has become known in the West.
Where :
Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau
When :
The fifth day of the fifth lunar month, which often falls on the Gregorian calendar month of June, but also rarely May or July.
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Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Festival
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Wikipedia : Dragon Boat Festival
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Dragon Boat Festival

Year Month Day Day of Week
2008 June 08 Sunday
2009 May 28 Thursday
2010 June 16 Wednesday
2011 June 06 Monday
2012 June 23 Saturday
2013 June 10 Monday
2013 June 11 Tuesday
2013 June 12 Wednesday
2014 May 31 Saturday
2014 June 01 Sunday
2014 June 02 Monday
2015 June 20 Saturday
2015 June 21 Sunday
2015 June 22 Monday
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