Prophet Muhammadí's Birthday
Across Indonesia 9 March is a public holiday in celebration of Muhammadís birthday. Also called Maulid Nabi. Mawlid falls in the month of Rabi' al-awwal in the Islamic calendar.
Where :
All OverIndonesia
When :
12th of Raby's al-Awwal, 3rd month
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There are no special prayers or religious services associated with this day. But many Muslims use this day to talk about the Prophet, his life and examples. They use it as a time to express their love and devotion for Prophet Muhammad. It is now celebrated with varying degrees of enthusiasm throughout the Muslim world and wherever Muslims live.
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Wikipedia : Prophet Muhammad
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The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday

Year Month Day Day of Week
2005 April 21 Thursday
2006 April 11 Tuesday
2007 March 31 Saturday
2008 March 20 Thursday
2009 March 09 Monday
2010 February 26 Friday
2011 February 15 Tuesday
2012 February 05 Sunday
2013 January 24 Thursday
2014 January 14 Tuesday
2015 January 03 Saturday
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