Christmas Day
Christmas or Christmas Day celebrated on December 25 to commemorate the birth of Jesus,Christmas Day celebrated as a major festival and public holiday in most countries of the world, even in many whose populations are not majority Christian. During this holidays families and friends come together to share the much loved customs and traditions which have been around for centuries.Most peoples stay at home with their family on Christmas day.
Where :
USA, and all over the world
When :
25 December
More Details :
This holiday include gift-giving, music, an exchange of greeting cards, church celebrations, a special meal.Homes and offices are decorated with Christmas trees, lights, garlands, mistletoe, nativity scenes, and holly. Santa claus,wae the most popular folklore figure in many countries, associated with the bringing of gifts for children.
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Wikipedia : Chrismas day-USA
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'Christmas Day' observed

Year Month Day Day of Week
2005 December 25 Sunday
2006 December 25 Monday
2007 December 25 Tuesday
2008 December 25 Thursday
2009 December 25 Friday
2010 December 24 Friday
2010 December 25 Saturday
2011 December 25 Sunday
2011 December 26 Monday
2012 December 25 Tuesday
2013 December 25 Wednesday
2014 December 25 Thursday
2015 December 25 Friday
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