Seollal (Lunar New Year)Day
In South Korea, Sollal is the first day of the first month of the new year. The three-day holiday is used by many to return to their home towns to visit their parents and other relatives where they perform the ancestral ritual. The day before and after the first day of the first new moon are also holidays, for a total of three days off.
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All Over South Korea
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Sollal is the first day of the lunar Korean calendar. Korean New Year generally falls on the day of the second new moon after winter solstice. Korean New Year is generally the same day as Mongolian New Year, Tibetan New Year, Chinese New Year and Vietnamese New Year.
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The Koreans celebrate the beginning of the New Year with there families. Children put on new traditional clothes called hanbok. Family members wish each other prosperity and good fortune. Then they exchange gifts,Children receive lucky money, candy and fruit from the elders. The family spends time together and have rice-cake soup for breakfast. Children often take this day to play special New Year games. Many Koreans celebrate the New Year on January 1st of the solar calendar. But the lunar new year is still popular today. In many Korean communities, the New Year is celebrated twice.
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Wikipedia : Korean New Year
See the dates on which Sollal Day is celebrated :

Seollal Holiday - Day 3

Year Month Day Day of Week
2005 February 08 Tuesday
2005 February 09 Wednesday
2005 February 10 Thursday
2006 January 28 Saturday
2006 January 29 Sunday
2006 January 30 Monday
2007 February 17 Saturday
2007 February 18 Sunday
2007 February 19 Monday
2008 February 06 Wednesday
2008 February 07 Thursday
2008 February 08 Friday
2009 January 25 Sunday
2009 January 26 Monday
2009 January 27 Tuesday
2010 February 13 Saturday
2010 February 14 Sunday
2010 February 15 Monday
2011 February 02 Wednesday
2011 February 03 Thursday
2011 February 04 Friday
2012 January 22 Sunday
2012 January 23 Monday
2012 January 24 Tuesday
2013 February 09 Saturday
2013 February 10 Sunday
2013 February 11 Monday
2014 January 30 Thursday
2014 January 31 Friday
2014 February 01 Saturday
2015 February 18 Wednesday
2015 February 19 Thursday
2015 February 20 Friday
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