Good Friday
On Good Friday, Christians remember the day when Jesus was crucified on a cross.Good Friday celebrate all over world,this day also know as the Holy friday or Black Friday.Many Churches hold services lasting three hours. They may celebrate the Stations of the Cross, or take part in Passion plays and dramatic readings.Churches are not decorated on Good Friday. In some churches, pictures and statues are covered over..
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UK and all over Christians cummunity
When :
Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday (Easter Day).It come between the end of March to the end of April
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Good Friday celebrated on friday before the Easter Sunday. Good friday come between the end of March and the end of April.This date is different each year because it depends on the position of the moon. Both Good Friday and the following Monday (known as Easter Monday) are public holidays in the UK, banks, offices, schools and many shops are closed. Many people use this four-day holiday as a chance to travel, so roads and airports are usually very busy.
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Good Friday

Year Month Day Day of Week
2008 March 21 Friday
2009 April 10 Friday
2010 April 02 Friday
2011 April 22 Friday
2014 April 18 Friday
2015 April 03 Friday
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