New Years Day
New Year's Day is the first day of the year.The beginning of the new year and the time to make New Year resolutions.It is a time for looking forward and wishing for a good year ahead.January was established as the first month of the year by the Roman Calendar. It was named after the god Janus (Latin word for door). Janus has two faces which allowed him to look both backwards into the old year and forwards into the new one at the same time. He was the 'spirit of the opening'.People welcome in the New Year on the night before. This is called New Year's Eve.New Year celebrations in Britain is a colorful affair. New Year is celebrated as the most important festival in United Kingdom. Midnight parties, lavish meals, champagnes, music, dance and fireworks are the important parts of New Year in England.Another enthralling part of the New Year festivities are the New Year cruises . It is the biggest night-out of the year.The New Year started with a custom called 'first footing', which was suppose to bring good luck to people for the coming year. The clock - Big Ben - strikes midnight, people link arms and sing a song called Auld Lang Syne. It reminds them of old and new friends.
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January 1
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The New Year parade is the biggest part in UK.The New Years Day Parade encompasses a number of famous London landmarks in its route, including Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey.The parade starts at noon walking down the streets via Whitehall, Pall Mall and finishing in Berkley square. Musicians, dancers, acrobats, march, drums and other entertainers do a splendid job to make the event most distinguished one. Everyone present at the Berkley is openly invited to join the carnival and enjoy the festive occasion. New Year is the much awaited celebration for the people of UK. They love to enjoy each and every minute of the going year. Theme parties, salsa dance and live performances are the some of the rocking events of New Year in UK. . These are the most unique and memorable part of New Year in England.
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New Year's Day

Year Month Day Day of Week
2005 January 01 Saturday
2005 January 03 Monday
2006 January 01 Sunday
2006 January 02 Monday
2007 January 01 Monday
2008 January 01 Tuesday
2009 January 01 Thursday
2010 January 01 Friday
2011 January 01 Saturday
2011 January 03 Monday
2012 January 01 Sunday
2012 January 02 Monday
2013 January 01 Tuesday
2014 January 01 Wednesday
2015 January 01 Thursday
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