Bengali New Year Day
Bengali New year Celebrted on 14 April each year.It is also called as the Poela Boishakh,this is Sanskrit word means Pahela Vaisakhi.
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14 April
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This day mainly celebrated in rural life in Bengal. On this day home was thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned; people bathe early in the morning and dress in fine clothes. Spend thre day visiting relatives, friends, and neighbours. Special foods are prepared to entertain guests. This is one rural festival that has become enormously big in the cities, especially in Dhaka.New year fairs are arranged in many parts of the country.In this fairs agricultural products, traditional handicrafts, toys, cosmetics, as well as various kinds of food and sweets are sold at these fairs. The fairs also provide entertainment, with singers and dancers staging jatra (traditional plays).
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/bangladesh/Pohela_boishakh_2.jpg Bengali new year day Bangladesh in rural area
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Wikipedia : Bengali New Year Day
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Bangla New Year's Day

Year Month Day Day of Week
2005 April 14 Thursday
2006 April 14 Friday
2007 April 14 Saturday
2008 April 14 Monday
2009 April 14 Tuesday
2010 April 14 Wednesday
2011 April 14 Thursday
2012 April 14 Saturday
2013 April 14 Sunday
2014 April 14 Monday
2015 April 14 Tuesday
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